November 17

What is a Business Consultant?


There is a lot of confusion in the corporate world when the discussion turns to consultants. We’ve found that when a client brings us in, they need to have our team explain what a business consultant is. Most business owners are aware of technology consultants and the parts that they play in their organization, but there is a vast difference between an IT consultant to manage your computer network and a business consultant that manages everything else.

What is your Business Architecture?

In other words, how do the departments, people, processes and technologies at work within your organization fit together to form a functioning business? Think of a business consultant as a business process architect, with the ability to assess your existing business processes and to find the cracks in the mortar that can adversely affect your business performance.

Assess and Evaluate Options

A business consultant will meet with members of your staff and heads of your departments to find out the specific business processes your staff follows and how they affect your business function. People make the process, so the staff conversations will include how the staff works as a team. They’ll look at your technology and software solutions and see how they work within your business process.

With the blueprints of your business in hand, a business consultant with sit down with you and make recommendations about your daily processes, existing technologies and overall business functionality based on the staff interviews. The goal: to simplify and enhance the function of your business so you reap the bottom line benefits over time.

Not an IT Consultant

A business consultant is not going to rework your computer network, unless it is a broken cog in the machinery of your company. They will look at your complete company blueprint and rebuild your business foundations to allow for future growth.


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