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Senior IT Project Management Services Mean On-Time, On-Budget Completion

How Can Our IT Project Management Services Catapult Your Project Across the Finish Line?

If your company’s next project involves CRM, ERP, Accounting, or Marketing Automation, the smartest first move you can make is to bring in a senior IT Project Management consultant. In fact, it can mean the difference between successful project completion and the kind of nightmare that comes from being over-budget, over-time, and overwhelmed.

Technology Project Management and Oversight Keeps Projects On Track

Whether you’re in need of project oversight or detailed implementation, E3 Consulting will provide comprehensive services to manage your projects to a successful completion on time and on budget. Leading a project team requires knowledge of best practices as well as technology and development that’s generally gained through experience with similar implementation projects. This allows team members to focus on their areas of strength and helps ensure project tasks are not neglected.

Are You Prepared to Manage the Coordination of Multiple Project Initiatives Yourself?

Project management is about leveraging powerful systems designed to help you do what you’ve never done before – without losing your shirt, your team, or your mind in the process. Often companies lack the necessary internal resources or experience to manage significant technical projects or deliver results against budgeted assumptions for time and cost. Elements of our project development methodology can include:

  • Assigning an experienced project manager and qualified team
  • Identifying clear objectives
  • Quality assurance
  • Issue identification
  • Risk management
  • Problem solving
  • Status reporting
  • Defining milestones and deliverables
  • Following a solid work plan and realistic schedule

Can You Work the Angles of the Project Management Triangle?

Whether large or small, complicated or simple, your company is driven to success or failure by its projects. The angles of the Project Management triangle are:

  • Time
  • Money
  • People

Change one angle in this triangle, and you must adjust the other angles, or your project management process will fail you. An experienced Senior IT Project Management consultant knows which systems and practices will work best with your project to keep all three components strong throughout the life of the project. By working all three angles, you finish with a successful, complete, and profitable project, an intact team, and a protocol you can leverage for the next project.

Incomparable Credentials, More than 30 Years of Experience in Project Management

There’s a reason growing businesses in the industries of Manufacturing, Distribution and Professional Services rely on us to manage their projects. Here are just a few ways Brad Tornberg, Owner and Principal of E3 Consulting has invested in the kind of education and training that lead to successful project completion: 

  • MBA in Economics & Finance, Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Microsoft Certified for Customer Relationships Management (CRM) sales, implementation and Training
  • E-commerce Certification, LaSalle University
  • Programming Certification, Chubb Institute & AT&T
  • Great Plains Dynamics Instructor Certification
  • Exact/Macola Software consultant in Manufacturing & Distribution (First certified worldwide)
  • Expertise in the areas of:
    • Microsoft Business Solutions
    • Project Management
    • Management Consulting
    • Duct Tape Marketing Systems™
    • Accounting Software Specialists

Beyond the List…

This list is impressive on its own, but what really separates E3 Consulting from all other Senior IT Project Management firms is our rare combination of experience, empathy, and execution. Bring us into any project, and we’ll get to the bottom of what’s going well, what’s not going so well, and what needs to be addressed quickly. We know what your project means to you, and share in your enthusiasm and urgency. We also have the resources and contacts needed to serve as a single point of contact to ensure you get the support, software, and systems you need to complete your project. We aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and do what it takes to help you succeed.


Right On Time, Right On the Money

Right now, the best move you can make to bring your project to successful completion is to call E3 Consulting at (732) 735-6429.

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