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What Could the Right Marketing Consulting Methods Do for Your Business?

Strategic Marketing Rule #1: Your Marketing Consultant Must Generate a Measurable ROI

In a marketing environment packed with resource-draining shiny objects, a seasoned marketing consultant serves as your company’s guide to ensure every dollar you spend is used strategically. Affordable effective marketing in today’s world is a challenge. Time and money are limited while tactics are complex, scattered, and alluring. You need a proven systematic approach to marketing that uses proven frameworks and methodologies.

Forget the Tactic of the Month

Strategic Marketing produces the highest ROI possible by attracting and engaging your ideal customers – and helping them know, like, and trust you enough to want to do business with you. It all starts by building a sales and marketing machine! Dominate and differentiate your offerings and zero in on your target market, then track the metrics that actually matter… the ones that reflect revenue.

Marketing Is the Lifeblood of Your Business

Every business needs a reliable way to generate new and repeat business. The alternative is facing a never-ending cycle of feast and famine, with the famine periods becoming longer and more pronounced. By creating an endless torrent of qualified leads and nurturing them as they approach the point of sale, not only will you see more revenue in your business – you’ll also enjoy all the benefits that come from being able to pick and choose the kinds of customers you most wish to serve rather than taking whatever comes your way.

How Can Our Business Coaching Services Help You?

To help our clients build out this vital segment of their business, E3 Consulting offers collaborative consulting programs including implementation, training and services that provide proven tools to build a predictable stream of new business. We partner with you to build effective social media, SEO, content, lead generation, and nurturing business plans. Services include:

Services Include:


  • Build out of your sales & marketing department
  • New market development
  • Product rollouts
  • Automated Sales, Marketing and Customer Service software solutions
  • Marketing automation tools – Click Dimensions, Hubspot and Infusionsoft
  • Training & workshops
  • Online Presence development
  • Strategic social media plans
  • Lead generation systems
  • Microsoft CRM software implementation, training & workshops

Your Competitors Hope You’ll Keep Doing What You’ve Been Doing

The last thing they want to see you do is to get serious about your marketing strategy. They know that if you continue chasing whatever trendy tactic comes down the pike next, you’ll spend your whole marketing budget without getting traction. They know that if you’re like many companies, you won’t track and measure the results that matter – which means you’ll continue throwing money away, enabling them to gain ground in your market.


They Definitely Don’t Want You to Do THIS…

Make the call to E3 Consulting at (732) 735-6429 right now. If it makes sense for us to work together, we’ll craft the kind of marketing strategy that will leave your competitors shaking in their shoes because they realize you’re about to grab the lion’s share of your market.

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