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How Can Information Technology Consulting Services Help Your Business Use Cloud Solutions to Become More Agile and Proactive?

Strong, competitive companies tap information technology consulting services to help them make technology a friend instead of a foe. Used well, technology is a tool that helps you deliver uniformly excellent products, services, and customer experiences – IT becomes a profit center. Chosen, adopted, and launched without sufficient evaluation, planning, and training, IT becomes a costly taskmaster.

Your IT Department Should Serve One Client – Your Business

Is technology properly used and supported within your business, or is it adding time and frustration to your employees' work lives? Is technology a dreaded task within your organization, or is it an understood and well-used tool? Software is flexible and can be programmed to innovate and create, but it’s fallible, so you need to know where your technology gaps are and modify them on a regular basis.

Our clients typically need:

  • Help in understanding technology and how best to use it in their business.
  • A go-to person who understands both the business issues and how to use technology to solve the problem.
  • Someone who can help them solve their technology problems and headaches.
  • Someone who gives no-nonsense, straight, honest answers and is a trusted advisor and confidant helping to make smart, profit-boosting decisions.
  • A technical coach who can help make their technology work for them rather than against them.

How Can We Help You with Information Technology Consulting Services for Business?

It’s possible that the problems your business is facing right now only seem to be technology-related. The core issue could be related to your people or processes. That’s why the first move we make when we work with you will be to analyze what’s really happening – only after we’ve gotten a clear understanding of the problem will we make recommendations for training, hardware, software, or cloud solutions.

We look at our clients business needs first and then leverage the technology to deliver the solution. We provide automation tools and techniques to help businesses improve lead generation, prospecting, marketing campaigns, selling, business processes and customer service.

The Speed of Your Technology Dictates the Speed of Your Business

Healthy companies find ways to introduce technology at all levels within the organization. You need to find out which hardware/software training methods work best for your people. Whether it’s an offsite company class, online tutorials, self-training in the privacy of an office or one-on-one hand holding, technology should be promoted as an effective tool, not a feared task.

If you do nothing but emit trickle-down messages of “Let’s process more data with less (or obsolete) technology” to your IT staff and employees, you set the entire enterprise up to fail. But by investing in your employees’ technological knowledge and continuing education, you ensure this aspect of business agility.

E3 Consulting can also help you with:

  • Needs analysis and requirements definition
  • System research and RFP development
  • Vendor demonstrations and due diligence
  • Contract negotiation
  • Implementation planning and staffing
  • Implementation quality assurance
  • Industry best practices

Business First, Technology Second

E3 Consulting takes a team approach to help you decrease expenses and increase revenue, no matter whether the hurdle before you stems from a problem with people, processes, or technology. With more than three decades of experience offering information technology consulting services for business, we can do what few other consultants can – become your single point of contact for solving your technology problems. Leverage our experience and industry knowledge to identify potential vendors who will provide the most fitting solution to your business needs, including hardware, software, cloud solutions, and training.


Make Technology Your Hero, Not Your Headache

Call E3 Consulting at (732) 735-6429 right now to find informational technology consulting services for business that you need to take your business to the next level. You can also request a confidential Business Breakthrough Assessment, a powerful tool we can help you use to determine what steps you should take to make your business more profitable than it has ever been.

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