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Business Development Consulting and Strategic Planning Empower You to Overtake Your Competitors

How Could Business Development Consulting Give Your Company an Unfair Advantage in the Marketplace?

There’s a reason companies experience skyrocketing success after working with business development consulting firms. It’s not about luck, being in the right place at the right time, or working tirelessly even in the face of stiff competition. It’s about playing every phase of the game more strategically than your competitors.

Business Development Is Serious Business

Scalability, brand placement, market expansion, new user acquisition, awareness and sales tactics are determining factors of a successful business. Success comes from following proven systems built on brilliant strategies. Where is your business in relation to your competitors?

Our proven system for growing any business hinges on four critical steps: Analysis and Discovery, Presentation of Findings and Solution Recommendation, Creation of a Business Development Plan, and Sales and Marketing Development. Here’s what’s involved in each step.

Analysis and Discovery

E3 Consulting will look at your top competitors and determine how they go to the market and what they are doing to maintain a competitive advantage in your industry. We will help you identify areas where you can implement cost-effective changes to leapfrog the competition and be seen as a market leader.

Presentation of Findings and Solution Recommendation

We guide business owners and managers through a detailed assessment of their organization to identify and strategically remove the obstacles in their way. We use the right technological, operational, and/or business development and marketing tools and systems to keep our clients on track to achieve their goals and business potential.

Creation of Business Development Plan

The goal is to simplify and enhance the function of your business so you reap the bottom line benefits over time. The key element of a successful organization is a long-term plan. We will help you develop one based on an analysis of your existing business, your industry, your operational plans, the abilities of the staff, and any other challenges and resources.

Sales and Marketing Development

Many of our clients find sales, marketing and business development to be a real challenge even though they excel in their own particular niche or profession. To help our clients build out this vital segment of infrastructure, E3 Consulting offers many tools, training, and services that provide the knowledge and skills necessary to become powerful business generators.

Whether you’re in need of developing the right mix of lead generation methods or you require CRM software implementation including the latest mobile applications, E3 will deliver the right solution to fit your needs and budget.


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