Client Accomplishments

Reduced costs by $8.5 million by implementing a new billing system for AT&T Communications.

Increased Production output by 20% over one year by implementing employee motivation programs and incentives for on-time and accurate performance.

Improved Shipping Efficiencies by 30% reducing costs by 35% by optimizing distribution transaction flow and creation of streamlined business processes

Reduced Costs by $14 million dollars per annum by automating the letter of credit operation for Chase Manhattan Bank.

Improved Sales performance by 200% in less then two years for a major consulting firm by implementing formalized sales and funnel management processes.

Generated over $4 million dollars of additional revenue for AT&T Information Systems by consolidation of leased based equipment by reducing carried inventory through consumer sales of existing products.

Increased International Sales by 35% for a major medical equipment manufacturer by establishing and building relationships with companies throughout Europe (Poland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, England and Spain).

Created a new division of a large major regional accounting firm resulting in sales of $15 million dollars over a 2 year period.

Reduced operating costs by over $20 million dollars for 150 Manufacturers and Distributors who purchased off the shelf and customizable business and accounting solutions.

Increased on-line sales by 80% in two years by implementing e-business strategies and solutions for a major distributor.

Installed the first point of sale system (POS) for Sony stores.

Installed point of sale system (POS) for Childcraft stores (Disney subsidiary)

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