November 30

Manufacturing Tech Consumption Continues to Rise

As manufacturing companies across the US try to find solutions to increase productivity and reduce costs, manufacturing technology consumption has increase dramatically.

According from statistics from The American Machine Tool Distributions’ Association and the Association for Manufacturing Technology, increases in manufacturing technology consumption jumped more than 66% as of September of this year to almost $400 million.

Noted in a recent article from, “September 2010 was a watershed in the recovery from the recession of 2008-9,” says Peter Borden, AMTDA president. “The 1,992 units sold this month is the highest number since September of 2008 and demonstrates the resilience and staying power of the U.S. manufacturing base. More remarkably, this was done while many factories are running below the capacity levels that require capital goods purchases, despite the tight credit, and in spite of questions about government debt and potential tax increases.”

So, what does this mean for US manufacturing? Drastic increases in manufacturing technology usage means increases in productivity for those companies in question, and should, over time, increase the overall profit margins of said companies. This could boost the overall US manufacturing potentials during 2011.

Manufacturing technology like Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP systems are implemented with the goal of renovating the business architecture for manufacturers. How does technology renovate business architecture? By reducing the glitches in business processes that can reduce overall production and profitability, the right technology software will help a company increase their profit margins without drastically altering their day to day procedures.

With the vast amount of manufacturing technology options on the market, manufacturing owners need to engage a Business Consultant to evaluate their existing day to day manufacturing process before implementing new software. They have the experience in the industry to offer the tools and advice that your business needs to not only compete with your competition, but to surpass them.


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