November 11

The Top 3 Key Benefits of CRM for the Healthcare Industry

It’s no secret that healthcare costs and processes are in need of an overhaul, for the benefits of patients and doctors alike. While the government attempts to bring about changes in the downtrodden healthcare industry, another option exists from the perspective of healthcare offices of any size around the US. Customer Relationship Management, CRM offers healthcare providers the potential to manage their practices more effectively which will result in benefits for the providers as well as their patients.

Top Three Challenges for the Healthcare Industry

  • Office Efficiency and Record Management
  • Improving Patient Care
  • Balancing Cost and Quality Care

CRM’s Answer to Healthcare Challenges

Microsoft CRM offer healthcare offices the tools they need to surpass each these challenges.

  • By providing the ability to track patients’ progress electronically,
  • Using metrics and analytics to evaluate patient records for improved office processes and
  • Tracking and managing patient records for improved patient care.

This being said, why hasn’t Microsoft CRM been adopted by healthcare facilities across the nation?

IT budget concerns, user adoption hindrances and multiple data streams per office pose potential speed bumps to the timeline of Microsoft CRM adoption by the healthcare industry. Most healthcare providers do not have a singular view of any specific patient record. It is this factor that both hinders adoption of CRM by many practices and also allows for the patient record issues that negatively affect the bottom line profit potential of each medical office.

E3 Consultants is the business architect that your medical office needs to reorganize your existing databases and ready your IT system for Microsoft CRM integration. As you look at 2011 budgets, now is the time to talk to our sales team to see how Microsoft CRM adoption can benefit your medical practice and your patients.



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