Sales and Marketing Automation

Sales and Marketing Automation

Generate, Identify, and Convert More Quality Leads Effortlessly

What’s the best possible result a sales and marketing automation consultant can help you create? A never-ending stream of ideal prospects who become your newest referral-generating customers… through a system that works day and night for you with very little work on your part.

The Secret to a Faster (and Hands-Off) Sales Cycle

Your prospective customers are stalking you right now. They visit a page or two on your website, research your products and services, and then hop around to whatever other content seems most relevant to them as they make the decision to go deeper into your sales funnel – or to head over to your competitor’s site.

Here are just a few benefits our sales and marketing automation clients enjoy:

  • Reliable data about their website visitors:
    With the right sales and marketing automation system, your data includes which pages they visited, how long they were there, and which path they took through your site. Your sales team craves information like this – it’s almost as valuable as being able to read your prospects’ minds.
  • Scored and graded prospects:
    Now you can nurture leads by sending the right follow-up messages at the best intervals. Your sales and marketing automation system grades your leads based on their actions, so you know exactly how sales-ready they are.
  • Ability to re-engage lapsed leads, and track their growing interest:
    Everyone knows that not everyone buys on the first contact (or the seventh). Some require more nurturing than others to reach the point of making a buying decision.
  • Ability to segment their list of leads, then tailor their message:
    Not only will your marketing messages be more warmly received when they reach the most eager recipients, they’ll also produce more sales because you’ll be meeting your prospects’ needs better throughout the buying cycle.
  • Never drop the ball again – or hold it too long:
    With a marketing and sales automation system, response time becomes miniscule. This means your prospects have a better experience with your company right from the start.
  • Cut marketing costs:
    Effective automation frees your team to work on hands-on tasks rather than wasting time doing routine tasks manually.

Business Growth… Automatically

We provide sales automation and marketing automation tools and techniques to help businesses improve lead generation, prospecting, marketing campaigns, selling and customer service. Here are just a few of the tools we can help you with:

E3 Consulting works with growing businesses to help them increase revenue, decrease expenses, and increase profit. We focus on helping the people, processes, and technology in your company become maximally effective and profitable so your business can reach and exceed your goals.


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