Digital Transformation Discovery Engagement

The Digital Transformation Discovery Engagement is the first step to improving your people, processes and technology effectiveness and will contribute significantly to improved company business performance.

Our Offer – Crystal Clear Digital Transformation Road Map 

Within 2-3 weeks, we will take you from digital transformation confusion to clarity with our E3 Crystal Clear digital transformation road map.  We will do our intense, professional assessment or your Company’s strengths, weaknesses and challenges associated with your digital transformation initiatives, make our recommendations, and provide you with your custom, step-by-step clear road map to digital transformation success.

Investment: $4500

What We'll Do

We typically look at technology and transformation initiatives and opportunities such as:

  • Increasing Supply Chain Visibility to reduce disruption
  • Providing real time visibility into material planning
  • Smoothing production bottlenecks
  • Improving Customer Service response time
  • Reducing operating expenses by 15% or more
  • Improving Labor productivity by 5% or more
  • Reducing overall transaction time from Order to Delivery by 2 days
  • Reduce Inventory levels by 5%
  • Decreasing overall production costs by 15% within a year
  • Improving ERP labor productivity by 18%
  • Improving used adoption rate of new ERP software
  • Establishing Success Metrics & Business Potential

We'll provide you with a Statement of Findings and Recommendations to create a Crystal Clear Digital Transformation Road Map

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