We help midsize manufacturers to successfully achieve their

digital transformation initiatives.

Are you challenged with:

  • A digital transformation mandate and don’t know how or where to start?
  • A digital transformation initiative but it has gone sideways?

If you would like to improve the effectiveness of your digital transformation with people, processes, tools and technology and address significant market trends and transitions to deliver sustainable, double digit growth, lets talk about your situation. 

Manufacturing Clients We Have Helped With Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Journey Roadmap for Manufacturers

Why Work With Us:

For over 35 Years, we have helped Microsoft, Sony, Wastequip, Paramount Cosmetics and over 150 manufacturing companies using our proven process to achieve 25% growth and 15-20% cost reductions within a 2-3 year period. We have helped mid size manufacturing companies create sustainable growth by improving people, processes, technology, tools and training. We can help you achieve similar results guaranteed

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A cosmetics manufacturer was challenged with meeting production promise dates and order commitments due to a lack of visibility into raw materials requirements and a cumbersome manual planning process.  They installed a material planning system and trained their planners and saw an increase in promised delivery dates from 30% to 90% in less than a year.

About Us

Brad guides and inspires his clients to meet their goals.

A popular consultant, featured speaker and author throughout the manufacturing and distribution communities where he has helped hundreds of businesses grow their profits by decreasing operating costs and increasing streams of revenue.

He's often labelled as creative and innovative, but his solutions are always rooted in analysis & proven models. He takes great pride in helping others achieve personal and professional success.


Business Fitness Revolution Book

Focused on the paramount value of physical fitness and a systematic process to build and attain your maximum business potential

I worked with Brad in the context of an ERP upgrade and Cost Accounting implementation at a discrete manufacturing business. Brad has a strong functional understanding of IT systems projects and required project governance processes. In addition, he understands how to leverage manufacturing ERP systems in a pragmatic way, ensuring that the project is focused on solving important business problems and not simply creating extra bureaucracy. I recommend Brad to anyone looking to address these issues at their business.


Will Lovis – Alvarez & Marshall 

US Corporate Transformation Services Leader

Brad, understands what it takes to put together a collaborative technology team with the clients' business team to develop a solution for a technology solution initiative. Brad is knowledgeable in the business of technology and how to manage complex projects to serve the clients. Strategic and tactical combination of looking to solve business problem through the sales cycle. He is respected in his ability to be trusted advisor in sales and balance the client relationship with account management and relationship building.

Candida Seasock

Founder and Chair of Executive Leaders for Advisory Boards

I developed a business relationship with Brad when I hired him as the Project Manger for an ERP implementation at five facilities. He took over a project that was behind schedule and over budget. As a direct result of Brad's leadership, we completed the implementation on schedule and under budget. After the completion of this ERP implementation, we retained Brad to lead a second implementation project at another facility.

Andrew DeStefano

President, Wastequip Manufacturing

Solutions We Provide

By implementing better processes and technology with more effective sales and marketing systems, E3 Consulting delivers solutions that scale with your company’s growth and increase efficiency and revenue.

We are not only good at what we do but have the certifications and skills to back it up

Business Operations and Marketing Certifications


We are able to uniquely:

Clarify and quantify goals and challenges better than anyone.

This early work ensures we work on the right things, communicate goals clearly, and ensure the solutions are achievable.

Provide differentiated analysis, insights, and solutions.

We select the right tools and design unique solutions when traditional solutions aren’t right for the situation.

Create winning strategies and achievable execution plans.

Our blend of strategy AND execution produces measurable results.

Deliver sustainable, well-designed processes & tools along with well-trained and motivated teams.

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