May 19

Want to Improve your Lead Generation – the Not so Easy Answer

I am constantly bombarded with the same question: “How can I quickly and easily improve my lead generation or sales numbers?”

A fair question…not so easy to answer.

The biggest challenge in answering this is that I usually have no idea what you are doing now to generate revenues through marketing and advertising. We all want a magic pill that cures all ills, comes in 1,000 packs for $5, and delivers instantaneous results…right? It just doesn’t exist. But what does exist is a proven recipe for marketing success.

One part of the recipe forgotten or ignored…and the end results won’t be what you had hoped for.

But if you put all the ingredients in place just as described, the results are guaranteed to be what you want.

Here are 4 different ingredients that will give you fast results…even in a ‘challenged’ economy:

  1. Ask yourself this question – “Are Your Goals Worthy?” Read it and ask it again. It is the opposite of what 95% of people ask – they switch the words and ask if they are worthy of their goals. WRONG! You need to have confidence in yourself and your vision in life. Are your goals big enough and grandiose enough? Make them so. Dream big, really, really big. And then ask again – is that goal worthy of you?
  2. Start writing in time chunks. Set aside 2-4 uninterrupted hours for your projects. Most people will start a project and deal with interruptions as they come through the door, or e-mail, or phone. WRONG! You are now a time ‘chunker’ – and people around you need to understand this is the way you now work. Get used to this way of working and you will accomplish amazing things.
  3. Always have your antennae up. Look and listen for ideas, insights, concepts that you have never thought of. Write them down. Talk to anybody and everybody you run into. Ask them what they do, how they do it, why they do it, what could make their jobs better, their offerings better, what are their dreams and aspirations?
  4. Test all of your crazy ideas. No matter how crazy they sound – try it out. Find out which ones work. Then optimize how effective they are. Test all variations of that idea. Find out which variation works best.

One other way I can help you right now…

…the Duct Tape Catalyst Program.

This is an intense marketing program for serious small business owners like you who want more out of their business.

I shared some information earlier, but am not sure if you’ve had a chance to go through it yet.

Have you?

If not – here it is again:

OR if you saw it, but didn’t go through it in detail (you should – there is some great content on the page itself) here it is again:

Hope you can join me on this incredible fun journey!


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