June 20

Will the Duct Tape Catalyst Program Help You Grow Your Business?

To understand what truly makes the Duct Tape Catalyst Program and organization so unique and powerful, you must ask and answer these questions for yourself:

  1. What aspects of your marketing are you working on and what are your top areas of concern right now?
  2. What would be your reason for going through the Duct Tape Catalyst Program?
  3. What would it mean to you to have a part time Marketing Director at your side to help you succeed and evolve?
  4. What would it mean to you to have a consultant who has been through what you’re going through now… and has found the answers you’re looking for?

It’s your answers to these questions that’ll determine how much you can benefit from the Duct Tape Catalyst Program.

The Duct Tape Catalyst Program is not a passive solution and certainly isn’t for the faint of heart. You need to be not only committed to change but committed to making those changes and sticking with them long term.

So, if you are looking for that magic pill or one hit “marketing wonder” that will fix your present and future success… this program is definitely not for you!

There is no business marketing trick or technique in existence that can have a long term effect on your bottom line. You may see temporary spikes in your income or success – but it WILL be short-lived and disappear as quickly as it appeared.

There’s absolutely no way to create – and sustain – exponential growth in your life and business if you don’t take an integrated approach to your small business marketing.

What you want is an integrated approach that optimizes and balances your personal and business strengths with the right marketing skills – and keeps them optimized.

From the above write up, I hope you can see that you need specialized help.


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