April 14

Get Specific with your Marketing Target: CRM and Marketing Segmentation

Our last post covered an overview of the progressive relationship between CRM and your business marketing campaign. Now, we’re going to delve a little further into how CRM records drive effective market segmentation.


Selecting your target market for a business marketing campaign is the driver behind both the criteria and the success potential of your marketing goals. In other words, before you can decide what you’re going to promote and how you’re going to promote it, you need to decide who you plan on reaching out to with any particular marketing campaign.

Pinpoint your Market

Your CRM, customer relationship management, system houses all the details of your current clients and prospects. Your market segmentation capabilities are derived from the specific account data from each client record. In order to effectively target your marketing to them, however, you need to not only understand, but organize the records to the best of your ability before you make a move on your marketing campaign.

Start at the Beginning

Managing the condition and accuracy of your CRM records is the first step to effectively segmenting your marketing. Be sure that emails, addresses, phone numbers, purchasing trends and notes on the account are current and accurate. This information is vital to reaching out to your target market.

Seek out Patterns

Once your CRM records are verified for accuracy, you need to group your clients by their common ground. The base criteria may be location; it may be company size or industry. Perhaps you group them by purchase history or sales lifecycle. However you group them, you now have the segments you need to begin planning your business marketing strategy.

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