January 11

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“Our philosophy is that in order for the business to be well, the owner of the business or the principles of the business have to be in optimal shape too”

Host: Time now on Chat and spin radio in the UK is 1:43 PM and we have got our next guest on the line, who’s calling and where you’re calling from?

Brad: Hi, my name’s Brad Tornberg. I’m calling from Cherry Hill, New Jersey outside of Philadelphia and the United States of America.

Host: Brad. First of all, welcome to Chat and Spin radio. Now you’re the founder of consulting and the author of the Business Fitness Revolution, which is available on Amazon. But first of all, just tell me about business fitness.

Brad: Thank you for having me around on Chat and Spin radio. Business Fitness University was an idea that I came up with after observing many of my clients.

I noticed one day I was at a client and gentlemen was extremely out of shape. He was sweating. He was eating fried food at his desk, and he was yelling at everybody in his organization. And I realized that the business owner is like the brain in the human body. And does all of those things and how we communicate or doesn’t communicate with the people in his organization is like the central nervous system.

So therefrom that, I noticed that the business body, the human body, and that for the business body to be operating at full efficiencies, like the human body, all systems have to be at a hundred percent. So the next week we wrote about, the skeletal system, which is the infrastructure of a company.

And then in the third week, we wrote about the circulatory system, which is really how cash flow moves through the system. We talked about the business, IES, the business, Lo and behold after 13 of these chapters, we turned it into a book and over the summer I turned it into an online course for business owners that are looking to scale their business

Host: And if anyone wants to get in touch with you, they, the ones who you help etcetera. If anybody wants to get in touch with you, how do they do that?

Brad: My Website is E3, letter E number three, business consultants, plural.com. And my email address is B torn Berg, T O R N as in Nancy, B E R G at E3 businessconsultants.com.

Host: Right now if people if there’s someone out there now listening to the radio and thinking I wish I could do with some help from my branch, but I’m not sure whether to approach them or not. What would you say to that person?

Brad: I would say by all means reach out because what we are trying to achieve here is peak performance for both the business owner and his organization. And most of the programs that you see in business consulting really focus on the wellness of the business, our philosophy is that in order for the business to be well, the owner of the business or the principles of the business have to be in optimal shape too, for example, I get up at four o’clock in the morning and I go to the gym and my day well before anyone else’s day starts. And that energy that I have coming into the business day puts me way ahead of everyone else. And that’s what we’re trying to get our business owners and our clients and constituents to buy into that concept that they have to take care of themselves as well as their business.

Host: That’s right. And at that time of the morning before anybody else even starts.

Brad: Yeah, I like to say that it gives me the opportunity to rip the face off the business world for the dash. I get that head start and I usually get more accomplished or like when my clients get more accomplished in the first three or four hours of the day than a lot of people do in the whole day because there’s some time management and there’s the prioritization of the things that are important to be able to sustain and achieve that personal and that business growth.

Host: Just going back to the book, the business fitness revolution, and people can purchase that book from Amazon.

Brad: It’s on Amazon.

Host: Okay.

Brad: And the course is if I have it all over the internet, but if anyone wants to learn about the course, I’d be more than happy to send them the link to it, where they can get on and they can actually see some things and maybe even give them a sample chapter too so they can see what the coursework looks like.

Now, just so you know, my background real quickly is I’m from consulting partners and my background is providing business operations and technology consulting. And the way that we do that is we work with the people process and technology, which is a triangle to develop solutions that help companies continuously improve their sales, marketing, and business operations, which includes manufacturing, distribution, service, and accounting.

So it’s everything from personnel. People all the way to helping them redefine business processes and that the technology that’s needed to support that.

Host: Okay, then Brad thank you very much for coming on. And that was Brad Tornberg on the line from Cherry Hill, New Jersey in the United States.

Brad: Thanks for having me, Ron, I appreciate it.


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