October 22

CRM has a Strong Future in Healthcare for 2011

According to a recent report by Ovum, “”Trends to Watch 2011 – CRM outsourcing”, the business and technology analyst claims it is these industries (healthcare, government and utilities) that will grow at the fastest rate for CRM outsourcers over the next 12 to 15 months.

Peter Ryan, author of the report and an Ovum lead analyst, said: ‘Healthcare, government and utilities are the industries most likely to grow their CRM outsourcing footprints in 2011. In fact their growth rate will be well in excess of the overall industry rate for the next few years.’”

CRM is the next stage for the healthcare industry as they strive to reduce costs in the face of continued insurance hikes.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is poised to serve the healthcare industry by allowing health systems to:

  • Streamline administrative tasks by integrating CRM into your existing systems.
  • Automate processes to reduce administrative tasks and better address patient needs.
  • Coordinate care more effectively with shared access to patient information.
  • Improve patient experience and quality of care with applications developed using the xRM framework.

The need to control costs is driving the adoption of CRM systems in hospitals and medical offices across the country. Microsoft, the industry leader in CRM software, is poised to offer the very best to our doctors and hospitals so they can focus on treating their patients, and not managing their costs.


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