November 29

Business Fitness Introduction

Business Fitness (Part 1) – By Brad Tornberg

As the end of the year quickly approaches we all begin the time honored tradition of reflecting on the past year and thinking about plans for the New Year. Most people think in terms of their own self-improvement (such as losing weight or networking more with others). While individual goals are of key importance to one’s success, how many business people look at their business in the same manner?

Business is a competitive sport. You need to have a good team around you with a few superstars to win. The business has to be quick and agile and be able to respond quickly to new opportunities. The financial blood flow must be constant and strong and speed becomes important in terms of how your customers perceive you and want to deal with you. Add to this the endurance needed to continue trying and doing different things needed to attain business success.

This upcoming year will focus on your Business Fitness. A multi-part series dedicated to getting not only you but your business in shape as well. The focus will start in the New Year on personal fitness and how important that you as the business owner or “C” must be in peak shape both physically and mentally to manage the daily demands of growing a successful business.

The series will then move on to critical factors to help you manage and measure your business fitness. Areas will include Operational & Technology Efficiency, Business Development – Sales & Marketing Systems, Financial Fitness, Transactional Speed, Cultural & Human Resource Health, Management Controls, Risk Assessment and many other areas.

At the end of the series hopefully with everyone’s input and feedback a book will be developed. My business goal for 2012 is to get this book done but I need you help! If you have any suggestions, ideas, examples, comments or just want to give your opinion please do so if it’s good I will mention you in the book! So starting January 2012 look for the continuing series on Business Fitness – How to get your company in top competitive shape!


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