January 30

Microsoft Dynamics GP — Your ERP Solution

Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, integrates the core processes needed to run a company into a single smooth-running system. These processes include finance, HR, manufacturing, supply chain, services, procurement and perhaps others.

ERP can provide you with visibility, analytics and efficiency across all aspects of your business, facilitating the flow of real-time information across departments. This allows management to make information-based decisions and track performance in the here and now.

There are a variety of tools on the market to employ to facilitate ERP. Microsoft Dynamics GP is one of the best in this area, helping small to medium-sized business gain control of finances, inventory and operations. It allows businesses to build their ERP gradually, beginning with the immediate needs and adapting as needs change. Dynamics GP grows with you.

Why Choose Dynamics GP

First of all, you’re getting a product made and supported by a giant in the technological field—Microsoft. It works seamlessly with your current Microsoft suite of tools, including Excel, Word and Outlook, reducing training time and eliminating the need to purchase additional applications.

Dynamics GP makes it fast and easy to generate reports, and their analytical tools can provide the real-time information to help you in decision making.

It works on a number of platforms, including Windows, iOS and Android, so that you can securely access and process information across your desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.

What Dynamics GP Includes

The basic start package includes functionality, such as:

  • Financial management and accounting to manage cash, assets, budget and banking
  • Inventory management and operations to track and manage production, inventory, orders, returns and vendors
  • Sales and service to manage sales, service contracts and field resources
  • Business intelligence and reporting for real-time visibility and analytics to track performance and make informed decisions
  • HR and payroll for hiring, training and paying your employees.

Add-on packages include:

  • Extended pack with more advanced capabilities related to:
    • Supply chain management
    • Manufacturing
    • Project management
    • Customer relationship management
  • Extended Human Resources and Payroll
    • Customization
    • Extended HR and payroll

You can view details of all capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics GP in its Product Capabilities Guide.

E3 Consulting Is Your Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner and ERP Specialist

Dynamics GP is sold exclusively through Dynamics Partners who are trusted advisors for your end-to-end business solution. As a Dynamics partner, E3 Consulting provides planning, implementation, customization and support services to optimize your solution for your specific business. We have the expertise to ensure your solution works for you.

Microsoft works through partners like E3 Consulting because they want to make sure your business succeeds. Hiring E3 Consulting as your ERP consultant will get you the expert advice to choose the system and components that work best for the specific needs of your business. E3 has the experience and knowledge to be the intermediary between you and Microsoft, overseeing the software installation, employee training and assistance in operating and using the software and process to its ultimate advantage.

Our typical ERP implementation consulting service package includes, but is not limited to,  project management, staff augmentation, business process and operational assessments, gap analysis, data conversion, implementation and custom software development.

Let E3 Consulting Help Your Business Succeed!

E3 Consulting specializes in business operations and business development to help companies obtain critical bottom-line results. We have many years of practical experience in industry, technology and management consulting. We have worked extensively with entrepreneurial organizations and Big 5 consulting firms helping them become more profitable and efficient.

If you have additional questions about Microsoft Dynamics GP and whether it could benefit your business, contact e3 Consulting today. We are experts in the field of providing solutions to businesses that are focused on providing B2C services.

If you want to know how we can help your business succeed, take a few minutes to complete our Business Fitness Evaluation Form. Make 2018 your best year ever!


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