The LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides insights on targeting the right companies and how to reach out to the right people within these companies. It also keeps your database of contacts up to date despite the fact that the people with whom you are connected tend to change jobs regularly or positions within an organization

Traditional CRM systems keep track of your lists of opportunities and your past contacts, but don’t advise you on what to do next. Microsoft Relationship Sales combines the LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Dynamics 365, offering access business applications which will help sales professionals in determining what their next steps should be.

Until now, Leads were entered or imported into CRM systems. Now, you have the ability to gather warm leads from LinkedIn, Office 365 and Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Relationship Sales ranks your potential sales deals based on the amount of interactions you’ve had with your customer, and points out the ones that require your attention. The solution tracks all messaging history, including on LinkedIn, and notifies you when an email you sent hasn’t received a response.

It also allows you to extend your network within the client company by finding out who else on your team might be connected to their employees.

Another new feature is PointDrive which provides the ability to create a set of content tailored specifically for a given customer and includes videos, documents and websites that are visually represented in a single online page, which can be shared using a unique link.

PointDrive also shows who in the customer company has seen the content and which parts of the content they have viewed.  This intelligence allows the salesperson to see who in the company is really looking and interested.

The integration of LinkedIn with Dynamics 365 now allows companies to take an active approach to their hiring process by targeting and contacting the best prospective candidates via LinkedIn. They can then establish smart hiring processes and find employees who fit the roles they are seeking.

Hiring managers can now track what the internal recruitment team has been doing through Dynamics 365 with the integration to LinkedIn. They can see who is applying and at which stage of the process they currently are in. Each candidate’s LinkedIn profile is fully integrated to Dynamics 365, and available to the whole hiring team.

The integration of Dynamics 365 and Office 365 enables the users to set-up interviews which fit within the hiring team’s schedule. Calendar invites can be sent directly from Dynamics 365, and invite responses can be tracked as well.

During the interview, each interviewer can make notes and enter feedback into Dynamics 365, making it available to the hiring manager and team members. This feedback can be provided from a mobile device or tablet if so desired.

The solution also has the capability to send job offers and then streamline the processing for the on-boarding process. The hiring manager can create on-boarding guides, workflows and templates with a checklist of activities which need to be completed by the new employee. This list can be accessed by the candidate before they start the new position.

Employee’s career progression can be more easily tracked and facilitated through Dynamics 365: useful contacts within the company can be suggested to each employee based on their role and experience. New employees can also be connected to existing employees whom they might know.

Dynamics 365 can also capture each employee’s past experience to allow managers to assign them the best projects and tasks.

Dynamics 365 is looking to be the end to end business software solution in the cloud for all business operations. With the addition of Dynamics for Financials and Dynamics for Operations the direction is clear and one that all businesses need to be aware of and take in to consideration as they select and implement new software solutions. It’s becoming crystal clear that it’s much easier to deal with a single solution provider then having many disparate non-integrated solutions trying to manage many different pieces. Microsoft has embraced that idea. Many new features and solutions are coming in the near future so stay tuned for more on Dynamics 365.


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