January 29

It isn’t about you its about me!

Why don’t vendors or salespeople get it? Why do they ask me about my business and my goals and my mission? Shouldn’t they know this walking in the door? It’s almost insulting today because most decisions to purchase are made before the salesperson calls or walks through the door. If I did my homework why can’t they take the time to do there’s. You can thank the internet for this. Used to be that good old fashion relationship building and showing true interest and determination was what won the deal but today showing up becomes more of a what else can you tell me to add value? Or why I should go with you? Nope. The best I can wish for when someone comes to my office and wants to sell me something is that they can tell me quickly what value they can bring to me, how much, how quick and what are my risks. Do all that in 15 minutes and make me a believer and you have a deal. Sadly they come in and meander always leaving me to ask how can I help you or what specifically do you need from me.

It’s how I and probably most New Yorkers do business. We don’t have time so make it quick. If I want to have a relationship I will let you know, I will make the small talk – not you. See it’s my choice not yours. You are taking up my time. This is what you do for a living – I on the other hand do not. Selfish absolutely but it’s my time and you need to show respect for it. Do that and I will show you respect.

We try to squeeze the most out of every second so as a vendor you need to be sensitive to that. Ask me how much time I have and is this a good time for us to meet or talk. Ask me what it is you can answer to help me cut to the chase. Let me know you are here to make things easier and less time consuming for me. Show that you understand what a successful person has to juggle all day long and just because I gave you time you respect it and will use it sparingly so that when you really need my undivided attention I  will give it to you. Treat me the same way you want me to treat you if the rolls were reversed. It isn’t about you, it’s about me. Get it?


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