May 27

Here’s How The Duct Tape Catalyst Program Works For You and Your Business…

The Duct Tape Catalyst Process consists of a 6 month formula that guarantees to help you grow your business. I’ll introduce the formula now and go into more detail later:

Step 1: Diagnostics

The first step in the Duct Tape Marketing Process is to do a thorough audit of your current marketing skills. The goal is to isolate the precise areas in your marketing that are your biggest assets and opportunities.

Notice the difference?

While most consultants focus in on your weaknesses, the Duct Tape Catalyst Program hones in one what you do best.

This, by far, is the quickest way to experience rapid change and growth. Finding and building on your greatest strengths right from the start gives you that kick start you need to build momentum while you’re going through the process.

While other consultants try to find what’s broken and rebuild it from the ground up – the Duct Tape Catalyst Program understands that you have powerful strengths that can be maximized and grown to support the rebuilding process.

Testimonial for Duct Tape MarketingIf you start off at the weakness stage (like all other programs like this do), your entire marketing foundation loses its stability while you’re rebuilding… making it extremely difficult to gain rapid momentum.

This one step alone will do more for your business than anything you have tried in your company history. Bringing in a Duct Tape Marketing consultant to look from an unbiased point of view on where you are now, and where you could and should really be, will uncover simple yet profound areas to improve.

Step 2: Strategic Development

Once the optimal assets and strengths have been defined, they must be built on immediately for optimal results.

The key to quantum growth and results in marketing is in the strategy you use. It is one thing to execute marketing tactics but if the proper positioning and understanding of the ideal client are identified the cost savings are immeasurable!

The Duct Tape Catalyst Program has multiple execution points that can be used to help you realize greater success. It is only through the diagnosis and analysis stage that you know exactly which execution points would give the fastest, most enduring changes in your marketing.

Step 3: Development of your Marketing System

Once you understand the strategy, your consultant can start to work with you to develop the components and implementation plan of an effective marketing system.

NOTE: This is simplified for a reason. You don’t know the Catalyst Program yet, and we don’t know your specific situation yet. So it’s next to impossible to say exactly what you need in your business right now. Some of the so-called experts say they know what your business needs despite never once stopping to learn your business.

Testimonial for Duct Tape MarketingNot good.

Without a thorough knowledge of where you’re at, and what your strengths are, they cannot truthfully (nor can anyone else) give you a prescription on what to do first.

It would be like a doctor’s visit – without a visit!

Imagine getting a call from your doctor saying your prescription is ready… despite you having never discussed what ailed you. Imagine this doctor gave the same prescription to everyone in his database – dangerous and highly ineffective.

The Duct Tape Catalyst Program is based on an audit or diagnosis of your present situation, then an assessment of your diagnosis, and finally a customized prescription or plan – which is the way it should be.

Don’t you agree?


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