February 1

The Business Fitness Revolution – Get in Shape when you travel for business!

In the book The Business Fitness Revolution I talk about how important it is to be as sharp as possible and this includes staying in peak physical shape. When I am traveling sometimes the hotel gym really sucks and getting out to a local gym can be a real challenge. I will look for a Yoga studio but even that can be difficult. I learned that activities that spike your heart rate can really get your metabolism going and help you maintain focus for the rest of your busy day. My trainer and I created a quick program that can be done in your hotel room in about 30 minutes that can start your day right. It consists of the following done 3 sets without stopping until each set is complete and for 3-4 minutes rest between sets: 

Pushups – 10-30 Reps

Setups 30 Reps (Can be done off the edge of the bed or on the floor)

Jumping Jacks – 30

Squat Thrusts – 10-20

Knee Slaps (Hold your hands waist high and alternate hitting your left knew to your left hand and your right knee to your right hand) 20-40

Mountain Climbers – On your hands run in pace alternate left and right like your climbing on the floor

Crossovers – Stand with your arms out and reach across to the opposite foot then alternate – 10-20 reps

End the workout with a 30-60 second front plank and side planks – 2X

This is the ultimate quick Business Fitness Workout for those Road Warriors who don’t have the time but know something is always better than nothing. It doesn’t have to be anything more than your practice. Doing it is doing something and doing something is more than most people do….



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