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Benefits of Hiring an Independent Project Manager

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a business process management solution that optimizes an organization's processes by providing a system of integrated applications. It helps manage and automate business processes, such as accounting, human resources, payroll, sales, manufacturing, and inventory management. Although wearing multiple hats in the workplace is expected, some tasks are best left to experts. Hiring an independent project manager for your ERP implementation offers many benefits. 

7 Reasons to Hire an Independent Project Manager

Project management is a specialized field. According to the Project Management Institute, project managers use their project management expertise to initiate, execute, and complete projects across various industries. Cultivating this expertise is a learning process that requires time, devotion, and practice. Hiring an experienced project manager ensures your organization receives the following benefits:

1. Expertise

The right blend of business knowledge, industry experience, and people skills can prove vital to the success of your project. Working with an experienced project manager with the training, certifications, and expertise in specific ERP solutions is essential. Many ERP consulting firms specialize in and have years of experience in select industries. They are familiar with the industry's regulations, policies, and emerging trends and will have learned many invaluable lessons from past projects in your industry. 

2. Market Knowledge

Selecting an ERP solution is not something organizations do regularly. Therefore, the selection process can be difficult and time-consuming. Choosing the right software and the right vendors is essential. If your business operates below where it should be, it could be because your software solution is underperforming. An experienced project manager can provide advice on various software solutions and navigate vendor negotiations, leading to a speedier and smoother implementation.

3. Risk Management

Hiring the right support will ensure you encounter fewer problems during implementation. An independent consultant understands the importance of your investment and will set perimeters to mitigate risk and maximize the success of your project. One of the significant benefits of using an independent consulting firm is guidance. They can dedicate time to help guide you through the entire implementation process. 

4. Objectivity

An ERP system is a serious financial investment, so it needs to be the right fit for your business. When you hire a consultant independent of a particular software company, they will help you select the right products based on your precise requirements rather than because they partner with specific vendors. An independent project manager will recommend the best solutions for your company instead of the more standard solution that a software representative may offer. 

5. Unbiased Analysis

A critical first step in any digital transformation project is a thorough analysis of current operating procedures. The goal is to identify pain points, inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and plans for the future. It can be challenging for internal employees to be objective. If your employees perform this analysis, you run the risk of biased reports. Hiring an external consultant allows a fresh perspective to discover things that your executive team and managers may not have recognized.

6. Specialized Project Management Skills

Working on an ERP implementation includes identifying needs, estimating resources correctly, developing timelines, and defining major deliverables. An ERP consulting partner will have the skills and experience to optimize project management. Your team will also have the opportunity to build their skills under the guidance of an experienced project manager. They'll help improve the efficiency and productivity of your organization and prevent digital transformation project failures.

7. Ongoing Training and Support

Training is usually implemented over several months, but your ERP project manager can continue to assist you should you need more help after the initial transition. Lack of change management can cause significant drops in employee productivity and morale. An experienced ERP consultant can help support employees over time, reducing workflow delays and organizational stress. They can also provide continuous upgrade support and training. 

The Benefits of Outsourcing are Numerous

The benefits of outsourcing project management can be highly advantageous. Switching to a new system often requires coordination between all parts of an organization. An independent project manager can help you and your employees navigate the new system and answer questions as they arise. An ERP project manager monitors implementation at all stages with the client's system administrator. They help deal with any problems that arise. They also ensure that your staff has the time and resources necessary to finish the project successfully. Finding the right project manager for your company is essential to your success. When it comes to selecting an independent project manager, experience is critical. 

Begin Your Journey With E3 Consulting

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