June 3

6 Steps to build an effective Sales and Marketing Business Presentation

By Brad Tornberg

To me the answer is pretty easy and doesn’t require a lot of crazy creativity. What I find to be the most effective is simple, straight forward and to the point. The presentation in front of a potential prospect should address the following points:

1)      Give me your background. How do I know you can do the job or provide the answer to my business need? Why should I trust you? The history of your world isn’t important to me unless the areas highlighted have specific application to my needs.

2)      What is it you do and why should I use you? Too many times it isn’t clear what you bring to the table and what makes you different. I get you have an excellent product and a service but isn’t that an expectation? What is your core differentiator? What makes you different? Tell it to me in 60 seconds. Then 30. Then 15 and finally 7 seconds. That’s your core message – use it.

3)      How do you do it? Tell me your process and what the experience will be like. It should be something that is unique and separates you from your competitors.

4)      Give me examples of what the solution will look like at the end of our engagement. The deliverable – so many people ignore this. What are you getting for the money? What is the value of doing business together and what does it look like?

5)      What have others who are similar to me experienced and who else is doing this? Testimonials and Case Studies build trust and seeing that others have had the same need and received a positive outcome is important.

6)      How do we move forward from here knowing this solution fits my needs? So many times the presentation is spot on and then it stops and asks questions or comments? Here is the close. Here is the chance to gain the right to move forward by asking the question. You earned it now ask it!

Address these 6 steps in any sales or business marketing presentation and do it in the least amount of slides as possible because people don’t want to see your PowerPoint! They want to see if they like you and want to do business with YOU!


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