December 15

2011 Shows Real Promise for US Manufacturing Growth


Continuing the slow climb of the last year, 2011 is forming up to show very real and measurable growth in the next year. According to a recent forecast by the Institute for Supply Management, “Revenue in the non-manufacturing sector, which comprises mostly service sector businesses, is expected to increase by 3.4 percent next year.

‘While 2010 has been a year of recovery in manufacturing, our forecast sees improvements in both investment and employment in 2011,’ said Norbert J. Ore, chairman of the ISM Manufacturing Business Survey Committee. Capital investment in the factory sector should jump by 14.5 percent next year, up from a 5.9 percent increase reported for 2010.”

What does this mean to your business? Considering manufacturing technology is also on the rise to meet the expected manufacturing growth, the potential for a resurgence of US manufacturing lay within our grasp.

To best harness the potential of the coming year, manufacturing executives need to understand that to reap the most profits from 2011, their businesses have to run as efficiently as possible. This means evaluating, in minute detail, the day to day processes, people and technologies that run the plant to tweak any potential drags in production.

Engaging a business consultant is the first step to rebuilding the US manufacturing sector. Combining the latest technologies and tools available to the manufacturing industry is the edge we need to regain our leading global position.


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